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Funding and Statistics

The Napa County Fair Association relies heavily on generating its own revenue from the golf course, RV Park, racetrack, facility rentals, and Fair operations. We do not receive any local tax support for our operations.

From 1937 to 2009, with the legalization of parimutuel horse racing in Callifornia, the Association has received an annual allocation from the State of California Department of Food & Agriculture, Division of Fairs & Expositions. In 2010 the source of this allocation changed from the parimutuel horse racing fund to the State of California's General Fund. This allocation has been received by all fairs in California, with the amount based on a combination of criteria including the size and budget of the fair.

As part of Governor Brown's 2011-12 budget proposal, effective January 1, 2012, county fairs no longer receive any funding support from the state. For us, the loss is approximately $220,000 annually, or 18% of our operating budget.

Currently, the Division of Fairs & Expositions (F & E) provides fiscal and policy oversight as well as program requirements of the network of California fairs and ensures the best use of available funding resources and other services. F & E approves the Association's annual budget, reviews our annual financial reports and audit, and oversees capital improvement projects and funding.

We are also a member of Western Fairs Association (WFA). WFA is a Sacramento based trade association representing California's fairs through legislative advocacy and provides staff development and training programs through regional meetings and the annual convention.

The fairgrounds is located on 64-acres of property owned by the County of Napa. It includes the nine-hole Mount St. Helena Golf Course, a 72-site RV campground, and the one-half mile dirt Calistoga Speedway. Additionally, there are four buildings, a horse arena, barbecue area, and multiple outdoor picnic areas available for use by the public throughout the year.

Annual interim use of the fairgrounds includes:
6 nights of auto racing
11,000 rounds of golf played
10,000 overnight campers
6 festivals
12 major non-profit association fundraisers
5 regular weekly or monthly club meetings
21 high school football and soccer games
150 days of fire and police training


Join the Napa County Fair Association and be a part of a local non-profit organization whose mission is to serve the citizens of Napa County with cultural, social, and economic benefits, in times of celebration as well as need. 

Membership is open to all.  Voting Membership is limited to residents of Napa County postal codes only and all are welcome to join and receive our complimentary quarterly e-newsletter, vote in our board elections, and attend our annual membership meeting; however, we ask that you consider making a financial contribution to support our endeavors to provide the citizens of Napa County with programs and facilities that enhance our community.  Your continued membership and support demonstrates to our community leaders that you believe, as we do, that we are an integral part of this community.

Member benefits are determined by contribution level.  Memberships are per calendar year and contributions may be made at any time throughout the year.  Tax ID #94-6000185.

Join today by printing the Association Membership Application below and mailing it, along with your donation to:

Napa County Fair Association
1435 N Oak Street
Calistoga, CA  94515


Our mission is to serve the citizens of Napa County with cultural, social, and economic benefits, in times of celebration as well as need.