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Board of Directors


Bob Beck

Bob Beck


Board of Directors

  • Anne Steinhauer

    Anne Steinhauer


  • Bob Beck: Chairperson

    Bob Beck: Chairperson


  • Bob Fiddaman

    Bob Fiddaman


  • Bonnie Chisholm

    Bonnie Chisholm


  • Don Meyer:  Vice Chairperson

    Don Meyer: Vice Chairperson


  • Karan Schlegel

    Karan Schlegel


  • Kerri Hammond-Abreu

    Kerri Hammond-Abreu


  • Mike Winrod

    Mike Winrod


  • Woran Deckard:    Treasurer

    Woran Deckard: Treasurer


The Napa County Fair Association Board of Directors consists of up to 15 members who serve without compensation.  Directors are elected from our Association membership and appointed by the County of Napa Board of Supervisors.

The Board of Directors provides the general oversight and sets the policies for Association operations.  Meetings are held on a monthly basis and are open to the public.

All voting members of the Association are eligible to run for an elected position on the Board of Directors.  Applications will be available in October and must be submitted by the first business day of November.

To be eligible for an appointed position to the Board of Directors, individuals must reside in the County of Napa. 

Please read the
Napa County Fair Association By-Laws for more information.